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RIPRO offers single window construction services in real estate for private individuals who 'Dream a home' for their own self. The company will help the land owners with services in standardization and best practices in order to secure higher values. Our commitment is dedicated to improving people's lives by creating and delivering sustainable solutions. From designing to technology and throughout project execution, we are committed to working with our customers.

Organized way of CONSTRUCTION

  • Single Window Solution

    RIPRO is a single window solution to sort all your home needs ranging from construction to maintenance. We always keep you stress-free from indulging in the whole process of the project. We take care of the entire workflow from planning to final key handover.

  • Highest Quality Standard

    Our main focus is customer satisfaction. To achieve that, our team of architects, project engineers, quality control engineers and skilled contractors ensure highest quality standards. Along with this, we also ensure the use of top-grade materials for the project.

  • On-Time Completion

    We provide a master schedule and monthly schedules, and commit to completing projects on time. To ensure that, clients are aware of the progress, weekly reports are consistently shared.

  • On-site Safety

    Safety during construction is our on top priority. We take the best possible precautionary measures to avoid any such accident at site and do undertake all responsibility on our self for any mishap during construction. We don't let fall any kind of tension on our client.

  • Expert Monitoring

    Expert technical supervision at each and every step of construction. Our relationship manager will assist you by answering all your queries, updates and any kind of concern related to your project.

  • Construction as per your budget

    We leave no stone unturned in designing to building state-of-the-art homes as per your budget. Our expert team ensures that the entire project is completed within the estimated value unless change in the plans/design/material by you.


Submission of Final Drawings:

All the finally executed plans & architectural drawings would be handed over to the owner (and also on APP) after the completion of the project.

Latest Technology:

The team recognizes the role technology plays in the success of any service-based company. Good technology saves both time and money. We use latest technology & machinery to provide quality construction and on- time delivery of the project.

After Completion – Maintenance Service:

After completion of the project, we undertake the complete maintenance of the property and thereby reduce the tension of the members.

Various Test Reports:

Test reports of various materials and services used in the construction would be submitted to the owner for personal authentication. These include – Soil Test Report, Concrete Test Certificate, Steel Test Certificate, Electrical & Plumbing Reports, and various other certified tests reports.

Extended Warranty:

We provide a 5-year warranty for any defect found in the quality of our construction (for lock & key projects only).

24x7 Support:

We always care to serve you in the best possible manner and keep you delighted with our 24x7 online & offline support.

APP Support

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  • Weekly Planning & Review

    The property owner would be apprised of the weekly plan to be executed. On APP you can track our weekly planning & execution.

  • CCTV Surveillance

    The complete construction site would be on CCTV for on-line vigilance and surveillance. You can check site activity anywhere, anytime on our APP.

  • Chat Room

    On-line APP for checking each and every activity at site. Also you can chat with our experts about current status of the site.

  • Daily Tracking & Updates

    At the end of the day our site manager will upload photos of the daily progress.

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